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The Garden of Sweeties invites families and children to learn more about how solar panels, luminescent powder and mechanical energy can be used as a source of renewable energy.

The installation takes a playful approach to entice interaction by presenting its components in the form of sweets, lollipops and striped candy canes scattered across a green corner of First Fleet Park.

Artist Francesco Cappuccio believes that the aggressive reduction of carbon emissions will not only impact on what we do now, but what the next generations will do. Children are an important influence in increasing the uptake of renewable energies.

To this end, the artist has created a work that in a sweet, sweet way educates and builds awareness of the environment. His aim: to help prepare young people to meet the challenges of the future.

Country represented by installation: Thailand

LIGHTSCULPTURES: Francesco Cappuccio (Italy)

Claudio Catini (Italy) / Louis Cappuccio (Thailand)

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