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In March-April 2016 she exhibits “anatomy of a creative path” at the museum of the China central academy of fine arts (CAFA) and the same year she is commissioned for a major monumental sculpture of 36 meters long in Taiwan titled From chaos to winsdom. In parallel she created a collection mixing bronze and glass of Murano. The same year she disappears in an accident. 

Val leaves with us several hundred creations as well as her unique exploration of bronze and glass. She has been recognized in Asia, she has proven that the inner world of a young artist from Europe is completely synchronised with thousands of Asian collectors. She is unique in that sense and leaves us a message of the universality of art and the strong communication between men of different cultures. 


Alexis Silk works in molten glass and metal to create figurative work that's timeless yet thought-provoking. A student of the human form, she combines close knowledge of anatomy with a passion for fire and an unquenchable thirst for meaning.

Technically, Alexis is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Her glass figures are sculpted entirely freehand, while the glass is hot on the end of a blowpipe or a punty rod. With work ranging in scale to life-size torsos hanging in six-foot-tall steel frames, her largest figures are close to half her body weight and take a team of six assistants to handle the glass while she sculpts it. For her cast metal pieces, she pours molten bronze or iron.

Alexis Buss.JPG

Grant is drawn to depicting animal imagery and natural forms when sculpting. When he first started, he found passion in the challenge to capture the physical features of animals, but he now strives to capture expression and movement in the work in order to elevate the work from a sculpture to a story.

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