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Creative Director

Italian architect and designer Francesco Cappuccio operates under the motto “Form follows Function and Viceversa”.

In the course of his career he has won numerous awards, among those received are:

Red Dot Design Award

European Design Award (Gold) Three A'Design Awards

First Prize for “The Significant Furniture” International Competition “Aldo Morelato Foundation” for Applied Art in the Furniture Sector.

​Supported by rich International experiences, he has worked as Creative Director for a broad number of projects :

Moti, Artitude, Hora, Lightsculptures and Kochuu.

He moved to Bangkok in 2005, where he held the position of Academic Director at Accademia Italiana Design Institute until 2018 .

In 2015 he founded "CappuccioDesignStudio" and coo-founded "Lightsculptures".

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