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Wai & Water

Drawing from Sofitel French heritage roots and Thailand longstanding ties with France, the sculptural chandelier evoke the traditional Thai gesture of greetings, the "Wai", the gesture of the respect and friendship between the two nations.

The "Wai" is here symbolically represented by two orchid petals frozen in a perpetual moment when it has yet to meet and align, to enhance dynamism and verticality of the lobby.

The composition is then completed with 1200  hand blown glasses in different densities, float and swirl vertically away from the petals gap to further emphasize the lobby height while giving the chandelier the feel of weightlessness and motion simultaneously and recalling the Songkran Festival with the energetic flow of water surging through the Lobby in a sort of welcome aura.

The sculpture will be unveiled on July, 2023, at the Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok.

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